Is Dakar Academy West part of an existing school system?

Dakar Academy West is part of the Dakar Academy school system. Established in 1961 as the first international school and Christian institution in Dakar, Dakar Academy has served the educational needs of families in West Africa for nearly 60 years. The school system’s first campus, located in Hann Maristes, enrolls students Pre-K through Grade 12.

What type of curriculum will be used?

Dakar Academy strives to provide a rigorous, vertically aligned American curriculum that fosters growth and development. In 2019, we aligned with AERO standards. These standards are similar to the Common Core curriculum used in the United States but they have been adapted for international implementation. Additionally, we use an objective achievement test from NWEA which measures against the AERO benchmarks. These assessments are given twice a year so we can measure student growth. 

Where is Dakar Academy West located?

Dakar Academy West is located next to Pharmacie Des Mamelles just below the Mamelles Lighthouse, making it easily accessible to families in West Dakar.

What educational programs will Dakar Academy West offer?

The 2019-2020 school year will offer elementary grades (PreK through Grade 4). Grades 5-8 will be added in subsequent years.

What will tuition look like for my family?  

Dakar Academy West offers an affordable international education. For more information on fees and available discounts, see the tuition and fees page.